Skills Development Program

Provision of accredited and non-accredited training.

Provision of competency Training.

Co-ordination of learnerships with Governmental Departments, Private Sector Companies and Learning Institutions.

ABET (Adult Based Education – Matriculants) and Khari-Gude (Basic Literacy for adults)

The Skills Development Programme has three phases according to which the beneficiaries are Developed and Empowered, namely:

(a)Training Phase

This is a phase where training needs are being identified according to the needs of the community members and the Information and Referral programme will assist with diagnosing the need and refer possible beneficiaries to relevant trainings. And the particular training will take place either at the centre or at the service providers preferred training facility.

(b)Incubation Phase

After the training has been completed the trainees will be encouraged to form a group and be assisted with relevant documents and items that essential for the success of the project.

(c) After Care Phase                                                                                  

In this phase the graduates will be assisted with the following

  1. Placement (Either job or start a business).
  2. For application of funds for start capital.
  3. Further soft skill training (i.e. Business Management, Financial management etc.) and utilization of Centre resources during this interim period.
  4. Registration of the project into a proper business and a legal entity.
  5. The Centre will assist with proper product development through the assistance of Government Initiatives in assisting SMME.