Vision To see our community develop from poor of the poorest, unskilled, and unemployment to becoming skilled, employable, and self-reliant by participating in our country economic and social development through various incomes generating project.   Mission To provide capacity-building programmes that will ensure the ability of lifetime sustainability and self-reliance through acquire skills and knowledge, […]

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Community Health Centre

What we do Services such as curative, chronic, reproductive, antenatal and postnatal care, child and mental health. How do we do it Locals have free access to the facility. Following assessments, patients are referred to development centre and/or clinical research centre. House visits for aged, bedridden, and disabled.

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Urban Farming

What we do The Urban Farming Facility run a small scale farm on the centre premises, and incorporates backyard farming that includes training to help supplement domestic food requirements. How do we do it We identify and train interested beneficiaries, assist with developing cooperatives, and provide gardening tools and seeds.

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Nutrition Centre

What do we do The Nutrition Centre provide a meal for beneficiaries on a daily basis. How do we do it Receive referrals from the Community Health Centre, Development Centre and the Drop-In centre Profile beneficiaries to ensure that they meet the criteria Those who qualify are referred to the development center Primary Beneficiaries The […]

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Business and Entrepreneurial Program

What we do The Entrepreneurial Program empower prospective entrepreneurs with income generating skills, e.g. business start-up workshops, sewing, brick making, baking, catering, and life skills. How do we do it Skills programme beneficiaries are assessed for the incubation programme. Beneficiaries are afforded opportunity to practice their trade and business skills, and are able to use […]

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Information and Referrals

What we do The Information and Referral Facility provide information resources on applications, employment opportunities, support and assistance for CV writing, and referral services for further skills training. How do we do it We partner with organisations focused on linking employers with skilled candidates. Beneficiaries coming out of the entrepreneurial and skills training pills. Primary […]

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Skills Development Program

Provision of accredited and non-accredited training. Provision of competency Training. Co-ordination of learnerships with Governmental Departments, Private Sector Companies and Learning Institutions. ABET (Adult Based Education – Matriculants) and Khari-Gude (Basic Literacy for adults) The Skills Development Programme has three phases according to which the beneficiaries are Developed and Empowered, namely: (a)Training Phase This is […]

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